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  1. I am currently working on a project where FD30(S) and FD60(S) flat entrance doors are being installed to a block of flats. The door manufacturer has provided installation instructions for installing the doors into a standard and regular sized aperture with the surrounding wall structure being brick block construction. After visiting site it is clear the works being carried out differs slightly from a regular / standard installation due to the size of the aperture and construction of the surrounding existing structure. In this case the timber frame that surrounds the existing door and adjacent WC window (NB: a solid brickwork wall separates the WC and entrance corridor internally) is being cut out and removed from along the jambs and head up to and in level with the edge WC window. A new hardwood timber member / post is being mechanically fixed butted up against the widow side and the new door set (frame & door leaf) is then being installed into this new opening in line with manufacturing instructions. Am I right in understanding that the contractor will obviously be able to provide certification for the individual components of the door set but not be able to provide certification to cover the whole system as the minor changes to the surrounding structure in which the door set is installed would never have never been tested by the manufacturer. Assuming this is the case, would it therefore be suitable to suggest that building control be notified to ensure they are happy with what is being proposed? Thanks in advance
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