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  1. All, I am struggling to identify a provider of Type 2 fire risk assessments for a project in north west England. If anyone could signpost me to one or more providers, this would be appreciated.
  2. I've surveyed a couple of properties this morning which are refurbishment projects of flats within three storey Edwardian properties. The flats include some bedsits with kitchen and bed space in the same room, some with poor layouts i.e. with the kitchen area closest to the flat exit door. The properties have a Grade A LD1 alarm system with a simultaneous evacuation policy. The bedsits are fitted with heat detectors in one property and multi-sensor detectors in the other sited in the kitchen area of the room. My concern is about occupants smoking in bed and the risk from a smouldering fire with a relatively slow activation of the heat detector or multi-sensor programmed more towards heat. I'd be interested in views as to how to address this? I've seen non-interlinked stand-alone (10 year battery) type smoke detectors over the bed recommended. What do others think?
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