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  1. Thanks Any particular guide that you know of that has direct mention of open kitchens. I've struggled to find one?
  2. Doesn't sound acceptable. She shouldn't have to escape through a high risk room, unless she can enter a protected corridor/area to avoid the kitchen and make her way to an alternative exit (which has to be within the recommended travel distance of 18m /35m depending on numbers of exits). Her window would merely facilitate escape in the event of fire blocking her escape via the door to the garden.
  3. Modern restaurants are commonly using an open kitchen area, however this breaches the compartmentation between the kitchen and dining area. What are the regulations around doing this and how is it acceptable? Are there certain measures a restaurant has to take to negate the increased risk of doing this?
  4. Why is there a difference on advice for subdivision of corridors In building regulations it states "Where a corridor exceeding 12 m in length connects two or more storey exits, it should be subdivided by self­closing fire doors". However in the local government fire risk assessment guides it states a corridor that exceeds 30m in length should be subdivided. Why is there such a difference and which is correct?
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