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  1. Hi Tom/Antony. Thanks both of you. I will post on there and check out the links sent through. thanks.
  2. Hi, Looking for advice or recommendations on software used for conducting fire risk assessments. ultimately I believe the way forward is to use a tablet to gather information/evidence whilst on the premises but then also utilise this time efficiently by completing sections of the report whilst on site. Whenever complex or significant findings are highlighted, these will always need a greater level of detail however these can be edited back at the office. what I would want is a system which is user friendly which allows for multiple templates to be used dependant on the premise (block of flats / factory or process risk) and reduces the time spent report writing. creating my own templates (based on pas79) always brings the issues around formatting. is there anyone out there who would recommend a software app for undertaking assessments and completing reports. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, I'm potentially looking at a occupational hygienist to carry out sampling as from looking at the MSDS there is also a health concern regarding current practises. Sampling should tell us whether its safe to have bin lids open or if when they are closed the concentration of vapour brings the area within the explosive range. My gut instinct tells me that by having bin lids shut it reduces both fire/explosion and health impacts. thanks.
  4. Hi, Just wanted a second opinion. Scenario. Acetone is applied to a rag via a dispenser and used to clean utensils. The rags are then disposed of into a metal waste bin which has a fusible link which closes the bin lid in the event of fire. Bins are emptied at the end of every shift, however lids are left open during operational hours. My thoughts are that a waste bin with a sealed lid would be a better solution - e.g. foot pedal to open the lid which automatically closes. Current practise doesn't control flammable vapour from entering the atmosphere where there are light fittings, 240v sockets etc. Justification for the fusible link waste bins were that when the bins are sealed, operators in the area feel the build up of fumes was uncomfortable when lids were opened. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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