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  1. I sold the majority of my furniture recently and I guess the rules apply on your case also, which are as follows: The Regulations apply to second-hand furniture sold by a person in the course of business of his (including auction). However, they do not apply to furniture manufactured before 1 January 1950.1 Statutory Instrument 1994/No. 2328, The Stationery Office Ltd £1.95 net.2 BS 7177: 1989 (British Standard Specification for Resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bedbases).The labelsDisplay labelsAll new furniture except:• mattresses and bed-bases• pillows, scatter cushions and seat pads• loose cover and stretch covers for furnituremust carry a display label at the point of sale. It is the retailer's responsibility to ensure that furniture on display carries the correct label. The Regulations contain full-size illustrations of display labels in colour. Reduced illustrations are shown on the next page to explain the meaning of the labels.
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