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    Main Entrance Door

    Many thanks for the link, I will use this as a guide.
  2. Morning, We are replacing the main entrance door of our church/community centre, and would like to clarify what operating devices may be suitable. The current door is a double door operated by a lever handle on a mortise latch. As the door exits onto a car park we want to control children escaping the building, and the handle is therefore about four feet or so off the floor to stop children using it. We would ideally prefer to retain this operation, but I am unsure of the legality of this from a fire escape point of view. The main entrance door goes into a lobby area. Three of the rooms, leading off this lobby area have their own fire exit doors directly to outside but there are two small halls, a kitchen and an office that do not, and the obvious way out is back through the main entrance Any help would be appreciated regarding a suitable operating device. Thanks
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