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  1. Hi Harry, Thanks for your response, although I don't think the accessory would work on the active leaf of our door - as there is no bolt mechanism, just the latch shown in the photos. I have found a latch-mechanism active leaf pushbar with a hold-back facility elsewhere and will get this to replace the existing push bar. Thanks for your help tho. Cheers, Max
  2. Thanks Harry, That is a useful product. Do you know if it is available for double rebated doors? Or can a hold-back feature be added to an existing push bar? Cheers, Max
  3. Thanks, yes. But the idea is to be able to lock/unlock the door from inside without a key. Currently pushing the bar will still mean the door is locked when it closes.
  4. Hi, Our village hall has main double doors with an internal push bar mechanism and key-operated external access. If the door is locked with a key and opened by the push bar from inside it will lock again when it closes. This is fine most of the time but occasionally the hall is accessed by another door and we want to be able to unlock the main door from inside without a key. Is there a product available that would do this? I'm imagining a set up with A push bar that ALWAYS unlocks door from inside Key to unlock from outside Internal thumb latch or similar that can unlock or lock door from inside (but that does not override the push bar mechanism) This would allow people who came in to lock or unlock the main doors for general access without having to have a key for this door. Grateful for any advice. Thanks
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