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  1. The pocket door identified by the red arrow is 30mins fire resistant Tom, along with the entire wall which protects the staircase from the first to the ground floor, meaning that this staircase isn't open to the ground floor. Hopefully that helps.
  2. Hi,Thanks all for reading this post.We've just had a loft extension completed in our house along with some internal renovation work which has opened up the ground floor. The building control officer who visited this week wasn't sure whether the fire rated pocket door we have (identified by the large red arrow on the attached plan) separating the kitchen and living room from the rest of the house will suffice to meet the Approved Document B regulations, with regard to the escape route from the 1st floor and loft. He said he'd look into it and let us know next week. I've read through other posts on the forum, along with the AD B and I'm still not clear. I therefore hoped to call upon the wisdom of those of you here who might be good enough to offer your advice, based on your knowledge of such matters. Thanks again.
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