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  1. Hi Tom, Yes , as I thought, not allowed. On another subject regarding the same house, they have installed a NEST smoke alarm system which seems to be a domestic grade system. Although this is a guest house which is restricted to having 8 guests, because it is a large property with 2 levels more than 200m2 in area I have to use the guidance for medium and large sleeping premises. Does this then bring the alarm and detection into the realms of commercial requirements? Iain
  2. Hi Tom, thanks for that. I failed to mention I am in Scotland so will try and find the relevant sections within the Technical Documents. I would imagine the guidance is very similar. Iain
  3. I have a client who has started to create a disabled guest bedroom and bathroom leading off a kitchen/diner area. I have concerns about this. 1- The kitchen/diner would be considered as a higher risk room and the escape route would involve going through the kitchen. 2- If the person requires assistance in getting out and are alone, someone needs to come through the kitchen to get to them. 3- I dont think this complies with building regs anyway but cant find anything definite. 4 - Apart from anything else its not a good look having a toilet/bathroom that can be seen from the dining room table. This is in a guest house which sleeps 8. Any pointers would be much appreciated.
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