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  1. Thank you both for your help on this. Would you happen to know if there is any research information on the downward spread of fire in buildings ( I am likely to get challenged on this, once I present this information :) I have reviewed B3 section 8 compartmentation of ADB and can not see any reference to anything other than full height roof void compartmentation that mirrors flats and communal fire doors. Given that many new developments do not adopt this approach there must be something that they are hinging this design on and if not do you have any views from the developer point of view? Kind regards
  2. Hi During recent investigation in roof voids above flats it has become apparent the roof void compartmentation does not mirror the flats and corridors below. Instead there are shared open roof voids covering 3 - 4 flats. This is a relatively new build and have been advised that this is accepted construction practice, assuming there is managed access to the roof void, detection in place and the ceilings are double boarded. I understand that new build housing schemes are now been constructed with completely open roof voids if the measures mentioned are in place. This does seem a bit conflicting with the guidance documents I have reviewed. Any advice would be welcomed :)
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