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  1. Sheff

    Escape from Basement

    Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.
  2. Sheff

    Escape from Basement

    The kitchen itself is open to the public, very much like what you would see in a greasy spoon type cafe.
  3. Sheff

    Escape from Basement

    No. The stairwell is open - no door or compartmentaion between ground and basement apart from the floor itself.
  4. Hi there. I'm tasked with providing an FRA for a 5 storey premise - B,G,1, 2, 3. Floors 1-3 are 2 flats, they have a separate communal entrance. AFD is provided throughout, mains interlinked to the Basement and Ground which are a restaurant. Control panel is in the communal area. Fairly straightforward here. The restaurant is provided with 2 exits at the Ground floor. Entrance door and rear fire exit. Basement is served by one staircase, with no exits at Basement level. Should the alarm sound, persons in the Basement have to make there way up the stairs back to where they came in. Trouble is, the kitchen/cooking area is situated here. I'm trying to contact Building Control in the area I'm working in but they've not been much use. Does anyone have any ideas? The restaurant is not that big, approximately 50 persons in the basement at any one time. But still, having to pass the risk area on your only way out!!?? It just doesn't seem right to me. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.