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  1. Hello I am in the process of opening a bed and breakfast, converting a single storey cottage, into two separate rooms. Both rooms are completely open plan, measuring apx 300 square foot each, with just one entrance and exit - with the beds located less than 1.3 meters from the entrance (patios doors) which exit into my large drive way. The property has been completely renovated with interlinked smoke alarms etc. We have been told by building regs that we needed emergency lighting as people would be 'unfamiliar' with the room, and the electrician has installed a bright green LED light in both the rooms, which stays green and turns white if the power fails. We were told that the light might be a bit annoying, but when we went to check it for the first time last night after it got dark-(we are not yet open) the light is extremely bright, piercing in fact, and it bathes the ENTIRE bedroom area in a green glow even though the LED is located at the other end of the room. Essentially the whole room is illuminated, and if you stand outside in the car park area the window also glows green from the outside! The glow from the window could also be seen from our bedroom window in the main house when we went to bed, some 15-20 meters away. There is no question that this lighting will draw complaints from guests and will certainly disturb sleep. In all the hotels we have stayed in, we have never seen anything like this before! The light is so bright. We wonder what our options are for challenging this situation, could consideration be given to torches etc, that can be plugged into the wall next to the beds. It is a single room - with one exit and entrance. Certainly, looking at HMV gov risk assessment, the premises (3.4.4) would be described as simple, (not even over two floors), what are our other options as the electrician is adament the lights have to stay?? Are there emergency lights that are less bright, are there lights that do not emit a bright glow but turn on in an emergency ? Help is much appreciated PJA
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