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  1. Many thanks for that reply. That has certainly helped me a lot and also reassured my own thoughts and understanding. So to clarify with Query 1, on FD30 doors, installing hardwood lipping should be acceptable and deemed an improvement to a door not ideally suitable due to the large gap and I can be fairly confident is certifying these alterations? We are being approached more and more regarding upgrading "Fire Doors". I state Fire Doors in this way because I cannot guarantee or evidence these are, neither can the client. these doors are installed in residential blocks of flats
  2. Good afternoon I have a few burning queries that seem to play on my mind regarding upgrading and repairing of existing fire doors. Speaking to many people in passing, it appears people interpret what should or shouldn't be done differently. Query 1: Upgrading a fire door where gaps to the bottom of the door is more than 8mm. We get asked to install hardwood lipping to the base or sides of doors where gaps exceed the allowance stated in the regulations. I always understood that it is very difficult or hard to gather any test evidence for "retro fitting" lipping to an exist
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