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  1. Hello there, I have had a quick look through and can't see a problem similar to mine already posted but apologies if this has been answered before. My Dad purchased a new three piece suite through an ebay seller. It said the product location was London, he paid almost £3,000 for it. It was delivered last Friday (came from Poland) but it has no permanent Fire safety label and no removable fire safety label. Having done some research we are very concerned with this. We asked the seller why it has no labels and he has simply sent a screen shot of a fire safety label for us to print down along with reassurance it is safe as it was made within the EU! We aren't happy with this but he is stating no refunds. Can I ask (A) should sofas made in the EU have the labels attached and (b) if te seller is in the UK shouldn't he have made sure it had them before selling to us? We are so worried at the potential danger. Any advice/guidance is appreciated. Many thanks, Jo.
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