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  1. Thanks for your effort Tom. It could be I am totally wrong. Thanks Eddy
  2. Thanks Tom for getting back to me. Voltage would be around 27.6 volts, which is pretty standard for most panels. no problems getting FP200 3core and earth, it is mostly used for these instals or repair work including additional items added to an existing installation. I used to use it myself a long time ago. but I am sure something changed, something to do with EN54 & LPCB but I have not been able to find anything. Even the tech department at C-tec panels don't recommend using it, even though their panels where and still are capable of 3 wire installs. Eddy
  3. Hi All. I am sure this has been asked before, but I seem to be having trouble locating any info. A long time ago everyone down my way and probably other places to, were installing panels that could be run of a 3 wire system. (both the sounders and the detection sharing the neutral). I stopped doing this years ago but I have a client that I do a lot servicing for, yet another engineer does the installs and he is still using this 3 wire method. I am pretty sure the regs changed with the introduction of EN54, but I cant find any text to back this up. I would like to point this out to my client and if necessary ad it to my reports. Would anybody have any knowledge on this. Today I telephoned: FIA, BAFE, Elesca, FPA, TBFC, NICEIC and not one person could help. I have seen the text somewhere but cant for the life of me remember where. Many Thanks Eddy
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