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  1. 1 hour ago, AnthonyB said:

    If it's specialised housing there should have been person centred FRAs & PEEPs and the building's fire precautions and procedures adapted to deal with situations where residents will not leave.

    Normally the alarm is left running until everyone is out, if it's been 10 minutes or so you have to give up, record the drill & issues and importantly escalate the problems.

    You can do fire drills single handed in smaller premises.

    It sounds like you haven't been given adequate training for all aspects of your role - this needs written escalation to your employer

    Hi Anthony

    Much appreciated for your reply. I have high lighted this to my manager so I will be discussing this further as it is a big responsibility and I need to know the correct procedures to keep all residents safe and be able to do my role correctly.

  2. I have a new role in supporting residents in a HMO (supported accommodation). I weekly check the fire alarm, emergency lighting and the main door. The residents are aware if there is a fire they need to evacuate to the front car park and this was done in letter form to explain. I have never done a fire drill.I did fire awareness training back in June and have a few questions I need answered. 

    How long do I set the fire alarm off for when doing a fire drill?There are residents that will just ignore as soon as they see me arrive as the fire alarm is in direct sight of their communal area. How do I deal with those who will ignore the alarm?

    Its a three story building with 10 people living in , how many staff need to be present whilst I set the alarm off?

    The training I did was great for highlighting hazards and what to do but not enough for me working in an HMO supported accommodation with residents that can be disgruntled.

    Any answers would be helpful.

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