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How to identify a fire door

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Hi all,

I've got a quick question. How to identify a fire door, notably in domestic dwellings. There's a lot of advice floating around the web, but I wanted a clear guidance as sometimes older buildings may have internal fire doors, but there's no tag, no intumescent seal...etc as I've heard that sometimes 25mm rebate was used to make the door fire resistant. But I'm struggling to visualise what rebate mean for a door. Anyone who can explain is welcome. There's just so many terms floating around that I get confused.

BTW, are cold smoke seals ever retailed on their own or fitted on their own on doors? Why I'm asking is because I've been told that doors need to at least have intumescent seals to be fire door, but combination of intumescent seals and cold smoke seals is good. However, while looking around the web, I noticed that I could never see cold smoke seals sold on their own. They were always part of an intumescent strip (the brush).

Thank you!

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There are certificated fire doors which has a means of identifying them and nominal fire doors which require examination by an expert to identify them.

There has been a number of British Standards on fire doors which initially identified the weak point was the gap between the door and the frame. This was first solved by providing a 25mm rebate but later the fire test was changed and the 25mm rebate failed, consequently in the 1980,s intumescent  seal was used.

The internal face of a frame where the door is hung, usually has a step, 12mm, 25mm or no step is a possibility, this step is known as the rebate on which the door closes.

The smoke seal is sometimes used on certain fire doors which are indicated by the lowercase "s" after FD30/60 and you can purchase intumescent and cold smoke seals separately.

Check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-doors/ may be helpful.

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