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How do I know if my CO alarm went off because of Carbon Monoxide?

Guest dorothperk

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Guest Stranger Pete

We have a fire/ CO2 detector combined and this morning it went off. It first beeped and and said fire and then beeped again and said danger CO2 and quit. It was a constant beeping, and it hasn’t done it again yet as of 30 minutes ago. Could this mean that the batteries are getting bad? 

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For future reference:

CO2 is carbon dioxide and is found in CO2 fire extinguishers, also it is what makes drinks fizzy.

CO is carbon monoxide and is often found in improperly burnt materials. (Wood, gas, oil, coal)

Both are colourless gasses, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and carbon monoxide is roughly the same density as air.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be activated by other gases, even newly laid screed has been known to activate a CO detector.

There is such a thing as a CO2 detector, they also detect other gasses and are used in some industries (They are also some what expensive)


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Guest I had a gas safety check

I had a gas safety annual check and the engineer was shocked that there were no dates on the CO alarms, he still signed the form to say they were in date and working, I have scince learned that there is no way of testing if the sensor is faulty if the batteries are still working it will still flash green if the sensor has gone. I rang him to ask why he ticked they were in date if there was no date on them and he rushed round the next day to give me a new paper saying they were put of date? He is a friend of my landlady and condemned my gas fire as he said it had never been checked because on installation it was silliconed in and the seal hasnt been broken, meaning the flu has never been checked in over ten years, he said he couldn't give me a new form until he had the old one back that he lied on, I told him I had shredded it but I didn't so now I have the one he lied on and another which he didnt the following day. How do I and where do I report him for lying in the first place?

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Guest Our Carbon Monoxide alarm

Our carbon monoxide akarm went off about 4am. I woke up and noticed I forgot to turn off the stovetop (gas). I immediately turned if off, and opened the front door by the stove and opened some windows. I woke up and checked to make sure my brother was awake/breathing. How long does it take to air out? My brother, went back to sleep. How do I know when it will be safe to sleep again? How long does the carbon monoxide take to disapate?  He's an essential worker. I keep checking on him. I won't sleep tonight. 

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