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DETA 1151 smoke alarm, interconnected. Beeping and light confusion!

Guest Nick

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Guest Nick

Hi all, 

Firstly I have since contacted Safelincs and have a replacement unit on the way- thank you so much to the assistance on the phone, it was excellent.

I do have a follow up question about our alarms to help me understand what the issue might have been..?

Last night our upstairs DETA 1151 IONISATION (manufacture date Nov 2015- house is a new build complete August 2016) smoke alarm went off for the first time, but only the 3 test beeps. This occured intermittently for the following 4 hours, starting at 1am ish. In a household with two under 5s this was worrying of course. There had been no classic chirping regarding low 9v battery at all etc, just these 3 beeps for this period, intermittently. At 5 am I turned off the mains and disconnected the offending unit until I could source a 9v battery this morning. I was assuming low battery was the issue at this point. 

Upon replacing the batteries in both units this morning the mains green light on both units was on, as it had been before and during the incident- and a quick test confirmed all was well. After about 10 minutes, the problem alarm (one of only two interlinked) recommenced it's '3 chirps' and now the Red LED remained constantly on. The green LED was now off, suggesting somehow I now had no mains to the unit when I had 15 mins before. RCD breaker checked and all other domestic circuits seem normal.


The Safelincs assistant recommend the easichange replacement for my model which I have ordered, but can anyone shed any light on what the issue may be? Any help appreciated! Eagerly awaiting the new unit.. 

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Guest Mike

Just had the same problem with downstairs unit. I had another one upstairs so I took it out and brought it downstairs and this one did not make any noise so the fault seems to be with the alarm unit itself and not the mains or battery

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