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cupboards under stairs

Guest Emma

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I'm looking for some guidance around the installation of fire resisting storage under fire stairs.

We have a basement with two fire stairs, both of which have space for the construction of a small storage cupboard. Reading the regulations I'm not sure I'm interpreting it correctly but it appears that we could have a fire resisting construction, but only under one staircase? I understand it should be fire resisting, but would this fire resistance need to meet the same resistance as the fire stairwell?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.



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What guidance are you using and what section. In my knowledge is you can have a fire resistant storage cupboard under a means of escape stairs, both in your case. It is important that the stairs is underdrawn the a full standard as well as the walls and door creating the cupboard. Depending on the layout you may well require fire detection.

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No objection under either or both stairs as long as you create a fire resistant cupboard of at least equal fire resistance to that of the stair (30 minutes in most cases,can be more though), that the stair (unless concrete or similar) is underdrawn to the same FR and that it  has an FD30S door either self closing or kept locked shut (& signed as such). Depending on the required category of automatic detection for the premises you may need a smoke detector included too (off the buildings fire alarm system, not a self contained domestic unit)

There is a limit on including a reception in a stairwell - you need to have at least 2 stairs and only one can have the reception,the other has to be fire sterile.

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The definite answer is a No. For the former query, one can build a fire resisting storage under the fire stairs with the same resistance as that the stairs. This will be allowed when you have more than 1 fire escape stairs. 

For the latter query, No, you can not build a cabinet under your only fire escape stair/route.

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