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Fire Door - need a self-closer?

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Our house has a fire door between the utility room and garage and, at the moment, it has a Perko self-closer fitted.

I have seen comments in some places that it is no longer a requirement to have self-closing devices fitted and would like to remove it as the slamming drives me mad. I don't think it would be a safety issues as it is closed 99+% of time and only propped open when bringing the shopping in!

Can anyone give me a definitive answer as to when, or not, self-closers need to be fitted to fire doors.


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The door between house and garage is one of the few places you have to have a self closer, the other being front doors of flats.

The requirement to fit is part of Building Regulations - once fitted and approved what happens thereafter is up to the householder in a single private dwelling - you can remove it if you want you aren't subject to fire safety legislation

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Guest Chris


We are a small contractor who carries out maintenance work in commercial buildings.

We have been asked by a client to carry out a survey of the internal fire doors in an office building (3 floors) and report on any issues arising. There are two single FD120 doors, accessing two separate cleaner's/storage cupboards, which have no closers fitted. Should these doors have closers fitted?


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