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Ei141 Green LED off but RED flash every 40 secs!?

Guest David

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Guest Guest, Dave M

Hi we had a tense night 2dys ago with 1 of the 6 smoke alarms going off only for a short blast, we are thinking of getting battery 1s and then switch these off at the mains will they shut down completely or is there a battery inside that will keep them going??

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Guest Mccall91



I have a EI multi sensor alarm... The green light is on, on the front cover but I have a red flashing light on the side... No instructions (fitted by council) 


Can't figure out what it means or what to do! Can anyone help 

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Guest Richard

Changed all aico ei 151tl smoke alarms to aico ei141rc wiring different as there are two  blue wires ie a battery wire which the ei 141 doesnt have. I connected the battery wire and neutral together as suggested in an earlier post all alarms work in sync apart from there is no green  light showing any suggestions 

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Guest Rapid red lights

I've had 3 new ei141 installed this morning, 1 on each floor in the hallways and landings. 

The red light on all 3 is constantly flashing rapildly and has been doing so since 11am when they were fitted by the electrician. 

When can I expect the to flash at the normal rateand what do I need to do to reset them. I've tried pressing and holding the test button for 10 seconds on each but this makes no difference. 

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Guest Mike Smith

I have 2 interconnected Ei141 smoke alarms. Both in date (Oct 23). They both have a green light but both have a rapidly blinking red light. Both pass test and batteries are new and tested with volt meter. What is causing the red light please?

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Guest Tasha

So my smoke alarm sounded last night just for a very short blast. It woke me up with a jump and then it was gone. I checked the house nothing wrong and because it was so quick I thought I was dreaming at 3am went back to bed. Then it happened again slightly longer at 5.30am... And stopped no more than 1 minute later. The alarm is now blinking two red lights every 40 seconds where as downstairs is only blinking once every 40 seconds. I've tried Google but not really found what it means.

It's a Aico Ei141RC Ionisation Smoke Alarm Mains Powered from what I can gather... If this helps in any way. Just seems odd to have such a gap as I don't think it's flat batteries 🤔 

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A red LED flashing twice in 40 seconds means that That detector has gone into alarm.

For the sake of argument you have 4 Aico detectors interlinked. You are in the garden and you hear the alarm, but it stops as you get back in, you then look at all your detectors, which ever one is flashing twice in 40 seconds, is the one that went into alarm.

If it has not cleared press and hold the test button for at least 10 seconds


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