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Fire Action Notices - A Legal Requirement?????

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I am struggling to find any regulatory requirement for 'Fire Action Notices'

I find the whole concept of installing them by manual call points impractical as most MCPs are on the approach to staircases (or within staircases), in corridors, or at final exits - not the best place for staff or anyone to stop and read them at their leisure - especially during an evacuation!!

I believe these FAN locations are a legacy from Fire Certification - or the guides that supported the Fire Precautions Act.

I am not anti FANs, but have adopted a more pragmatic approach and place FANs in lifts, above urinals and on the back of toilet doors - places where by necessity - people linger and often want something to read!!!

We have had two fire safety inspectors comment on the lack of FANs in their traditional locations at our premises - and have received a Notice of Fire Safety Deficiency from one authority which we will ignore until such time the fire service concerned point us towards the regulation they want to enforce (they have failed to reply to two e-mails requesting that info)

I would appreciate your views

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The old blue guide for the FPA says you need them but not where they should be located it just says in conspicuous places and so they cannot be defaced.

Article 11 says, The RP must make arrangements for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventive and protective measures and if you employ five or more it must be recorded.

If you look up article 2 the definition of preventive and protective measures it says general fire precautions.

If you look up article 4 general fire precautions it says (f) measures in relation to the arrangements for action to be taken in the event of fire on the premises.

If you look up article 8 it says must take such general fire precautions for employees and relevant persons.

So you could make an augment that fire action notices are required by the RR(FS)O but I cannot find where they should be located, in any of the guidance, in my opinion it is up to risk assessment which is basically what you are doing.

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Thanks Tom

It all sounds a bit vague and round the houses doesn't it? Thanks for your views as it seems what we are doing is appropriate & compliant

Hypothetically speaking: If I have my procedures, FRA, and policy available to staff on the intranet (recorded). And my staff are trained periodically as req by Article 21 and any visitors will be accompanied so do not need any guidance - then I am covered I would argue.

I also wonder whether FANs could be included in Article 15(1)(a) in that to 'give effect' (see below) one needs to communicate the procedures to staff and others???

15.—(1) The responsible person must—

(a)establish and, where necessary, give effect to appropriate procedures, including safety drills, to be followed in the event of serious and imminent danger to relevant persons;

But again, its not really clear!


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I am afraid it is all about interpretation and you need to check every word to know what the meaning of the phrase is. Round the houses is a good description, because other people will come up with differing interpretations and you need to be ready no matter what is thrown at you.

In my day everything was prescriptive and you could give black/white answers, even so there were areas of grey. But now it is risk assessment, consequently the legislation is all about "IF NECESSARY" so any decision have to be vindicated by experience and knowledge, very little you will get, straight forward clear black/white answers, and interpretation is important.

Take article 15 it is about procedures for serious and imminent danger and for danger areas, could a corridor in an office block fall into this description?

What I am certain of is FAN’s are required and should be located in conspicuous places, not only at fire points, and you need to be able to explain where and why, which you seem to be able to.

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