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Ei144 wont stop beeping!

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I was woke up in the early morning, by a low battery warning from my smoke detector in the hall the other day, got up and removed the battery and pressed the hush button, but the warning continued, so I looked in the front room and found a CO detector singing merrily, changed the batteries and went back to bed happy. I was convinced it was the smoke detector in the hall.šŸ™„Ā 

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Guest Roxxy

Hi ,

Yes the exact same issue at 530am? In the end removed the casing and took out the battery it was still beeping and so I gave up and decided to use my time awake wisely by looking for solutions online. Low and behold what should happen as Harry the very smart man suggested , the battery pack simply made a kind of battery dying sound and the chirping ended. As Harry had said earlier in the above posts some residual battery power does remain and can continue the chirping for a short time before it completely depletes.Ā 

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