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Guest Michael

Smoke Alarm sounded for 15 sec for no reason

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Guest Reece


Yesterday at about 5:30pm my fire alarm in my upstairs bedroom went off. It’s the Kidde fire alarm. It went off for about 20 seconds, 3 times in a row but set off all the alarms in my house. It is hard wired with a battery back up so I took it down and I’m in the process of changing batteries but I’m just confused because it never chirped for low battery. I had all the windows in my house open so I’m wondering if something outside triggered it but I can’t understand what has made it go off.



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Since the windows were open, and your smoke alarm has never gone off before, the probability is that a "pocket of smoke" was blown in and that is what the detector detected, it was doing its job.

If you are changing the batteries, its a good idea to write the date on them too.

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Guest Guest
On 20/09/2018 at 08:57, Guest Madelline said:

Ours went off twice in the middle of the night for about 10 seconds each time. We blew on it and a freaking spider jumped out. So yeah, might want to see if there’s dust or spiders around it... 

Same here, 02:30 - 03:38 - 05:00 eventually I pulled all three heads and inspected them, spider by this time had dropped to the floor out of one of the units and was making a break for it.

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