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Do fire door signs have to be fitted to both sides?

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You seem to think there is a book called Fire Regulations and it lists all the do's and don'ts, this is not the case, it is mostly fire risk assessment/common sense. A fire resistant door could be approached from either direction so, Keep Shut signs need to be fixed to both sides of the door, unless hold open devices are fixed. Fire Exit signs show you the safe route out of the premises so they will only be fitted one side of an escape door.

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Hello, I have been told following a routine risk Assessment to have Fire Exit Door Keep Shut signs not just on side of the door but BOTH! Please advise if this is a legal requirement or a 'recommendation'.

Kind regards

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Fire risk assessment is about assessing the risk which is a legal requirement. Fire doors need to be kept closed when not in use and fire exit door keep shut signs are fixed on both sides of the fire door to ensure no matter which direction you approach the door they will be visible.

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Guest FRA Advice

Hi i have an issue with Fire Exit Keep clear Signs. I want to fit them on both sides of the Final Exit Doors however i have been told i only have to fit them on the outside of these doors , i see them fitted on other doors when out shopping or in pubs, bars ,and restaurants.

Do they need to be fitted for a Fire Risk Assessment  to be carried out . 


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They only need to be fitted to the outside face of the door where there is a high possibility that someone will accidentally block the door but if there is a chance some person may block the door on the inside then you could fit them on the inside.

If you haven't fixed the before the FRA it is like the risk assessor will consider it a significant finding and include it in the FRA, it's up to you.

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