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did fire doors before 2000 require fire rated hinges?

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Prior to BS EN 1935: 2002 fire doors required hinges in accordance with BS 8214:1990, now they have to meet the current British/European standard.

BS 8214:1990 states, Hinges fitted to fire doors should be non-combustible and should be selected to perform in accordance with BS 7352.

NOTE Some regulations also have a minimum melting point of 800°C requirement. (which means steel hinges)

The hinges selected should be adequate in numbers and performance for the use category, size and weight of door to be supplied and be compatible with the fire resistance of door and frame and with any self-closing device that may be fitted.

BS 7352:1990. Specification for strength and durability performance of metal hinges for side hanging applications and dimensional requirements for template drilled hinges.

Hinges with rising cams or quick action rising spindles should not be fitted to fire doors.

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Its actually BS 7352 Grade 8 dating back from the 1990s.  In those days, prior to its replacement BS EN 1935 2002, that type of hinge would have been used for Fire Doors.  If the hinge is damaged or worn then replace all hinges on that door with their modern equivalent to BS EN 1935 minimum Grade 11

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The hinges for an 'existing' fire door need to be made from a suitable material with a high melting point, be of suitable dimensions, have the correct screw fixings, be of suitable durability (for such a door leaf) and be in good serviceable condition.  You wouldn't necessarily change a hinge solely  because it is not to the latest standard.

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