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Guest LauraGibs

Do flat owners under their own management need fire risk assessment?

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Guest Salty Dog

Thanks again

Are key access points ( break glass type) a legal requirement or again are they recommended?

Do ld3 systems within flats form part of the communal area fire risk assessments. Is it flat owners own responsibility not management company 


From lacors


Grade 😧 LD3 coverage in each flat (non-interlinked 
smoke alarm in the room/lobby opening onto the 
escape route) to protect the sleeping occupants


Is it saying alarms only required in internal hallways to communal escape route not in bedroom lounge  kitchen

Would a f type wireless interlink system in all rooms provide better safety overall 

Grateful as ever for your knowledge and reply

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What do you mean by key access points ( break glass type)?

Each self contained flat is exempt from The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RR(FS)O) but subject to the Housing Act only the common areas are subject to the RR(FS)O. So the tenant of the flat is responsible for the flat the common ares the management company. 

The smoke alarm in the flat is for the protection of the residents of the flat and should sound the alarm if the route to the front door is threatened. This usually means the best location is in the hallway of the flat meaning that all the rooms off the hallway is protected. I do not know the layout of your flat so I am unable to advise you.

As far as I am aware the grade F is not recommended because of battery failure/missing but that is between the owner/tenant and the council who administers the House Act.

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On 13/07/2019 at 21:04, Guest Salty Dog said:

Can someone please advise if new 10 yr sealed battery interlinked alarms are an acceptable alternative to mains ld3 for self contained flats.non HMO  in 4 storey converted house.  Tia

If you mean battery only (Grade F1) no. Grade F alarms are not acceptable as they only have one source of power.

If you are a 4 storey s257 HMO (which isn't actually a HMO but flats not converted to Building Regs such as from a house) then guidance requires the common system to be Grade A (commercial type fire alarm) with the individual flat systems Grade D1


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Guest Sarah


I live in a victorian building that was converted into flats in the 1970s. There are 4 flats in the building - a basement flat with it's own entrance and three further flats that share a communal hallway and staircase. I have recently become aware of a fire risk assessment that was done in 2012 and states that there should be a smoke detectors fitted in the hall, stairs and landing connected to a central panel and that there should be emergency lighting on the upper floors. This has not been acted on.

Am I right in thinking that this potentially invalidates our buildings insurance in the event of a fire? And that the management company would be liable for criminal charges if anyone were to be injured or killed in a fire?

Also, is it worth getting a new fire risk assessment done prior to installing an alarm system>


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Yes it could affect insurance and could be a criminal offence without needing for a fire to even occur as there only needs to be the potential risk to life rather than it being realised by an incident.

I'd get a new FRA though by someone that knows what they are doing and the specific standards for domestic premises- a common areas only system would be inadequate as it would only sound when the escape was already affected by fire and would draw people from the relative safety of their flat into the smoke & heat filled stair, plus wouldn't penetrate the rooms of the flats with enough audibility to wake occupiers. Also, depending on the nature of the construction of the building and it's conversion it may not need the alarm at all.

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