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Can I sell a chair without fire safety label on ebay?

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Hi, I don't know if this forum is still active but I need some advice about a second hand sofa that I purchased. I assumed that it would have a permanent safety label, as I thought this was a legal requirement. The sofa was reupholstered last year but has no permanent label.

I got in touch with the seller (it was a private sale) and he has supplied a copy of the invoice for the fabric (which is compliant with regulations) and a test certificate for BS5867 Part 2. I have also been able to locate some fire safety information on the well-known fabric manufacturer's website but no sign of being able to get hold of a permanent label.

I wanted to use this sofa in a holiday let and although the documentation is reassuring I still don't feel entirely comfortable without the label.

Should I bin it? The seller is refusing to take it back, but I don't want to use something that could cause problems.

Any advice is very welcome!


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The forum is still active.🙂

As I understand it, as it was a private seller they are NOT covered by the regulations, so it is down to you to check if it has a label, then your decision to buy it or not, but as a landlord you should supply suitable furniture for your property, there is no rule that says  you must supply a sofa.




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