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Can I sell a chair without fire safety label on ebay?

Guest JulieAub

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Guest MCO

Hi, I don't know if this forum is still active but I need some advice about a second hand sofa that I purchased. I assumed that it would have a permanent safety label, as I thought this was a legal requirement. The sofa was reupholstered last year but has no permanent label.

I got in touch with the seller (it was a private sale) and he has supplied a copy of the invoice for the fabric (which is compliant with regulations) and a test certificate for BS5867 Part 2. I have also been able to locate some fire safety information on the well-known fabric manufacturer's website but no sign of being able to get hold of a permanent label.

I wanted to use this sofa in a holiday let and although the documentation is reassuring I still don't feel entirely comfortable without the label.

Should I bin it? The seller is refusing to take it back, but I don't want to use something that could cause problems.

Any advice is very welcome!


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The forum is still active.🙂

As I understand it, as it was a private seller they are NOT covered by the regulations, so it is down to you to check if it has a label, then your decision to buy it or not, but as a landlord you should supply suitable furniture for your property, there is no rule that says  you must supply a sofa.




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Guest CazDeFaz

Hi, I sew and reupholster in my start up business and I want to start as I mean to go on, by having good fire regulations!
I have quite a few different situations that I would like to clarify please...

Most of my work is furniture supplied by the customer to recover, usually keeping the original foam and adding wadding if necessary...

Does the wadding need to be fire retardant?

I like a wider variety of fabric than what is available as fire retardant so I’m considering a spray or liquid solution to apply...

Would this be enough to pass regulations? Is it a case of checking the spray/solution manufacturer ?

Do I have to follow regulations if the furniture and fabric is supplied by the customer?

Or if the customer chooses a non-retardant fabric ? Could this be a situation where I make it clear that it will not follow regulations or do I treat all fabric with the spray/solution?

Do I need to add fire labels in this situation?

I also have a few pieces that I am going to refurbish and sell myself (not a custom order) so I presume I need to follow regulations and fix labels on?

Again, is a spray or solution enough to meet the regulations?

Thank you in advance to those that advise, this is the most informative site I have found!

Caz 😊


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Most of your questions are answered on page 19 of Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations and anything supplied by you needs to meet the regulations, anything supplied by the client is not subject to the regulations.

If it does not fully meet the regulations you cannot fix labels but you should advise the client in writing of the full details.

Any fire retardant spray or liquid should be certificated in writing and any queries you have, is better answer by them.

Any items manufactured after 1950 then refurbished and sold by you should fully meet the regulations.

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Guest Henry

Hi. I need help with this, i am an amazon seller with a registered brand name and used the brand name to import office chair into UK and the manufacturer didn't put the fire label on the chair. now what is likely to be the problem i will have selling this items without fire label. a customer bought one already and seems like he is coming up with some troubles on lack of fire label.

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