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Found 8 results

  1. What fire regulations are required for carpets in hotels?
  2. Hello. I was wondering if you can help me please. I have a problem with the front door of my property which my landlord has refused to fix until April. The door is broken and in the event of a fire in our kitchen area, we could not escape due to the awkward design of the house. We cannot get out of the house from that front door as handle is broken. Please advise.
  3. I have opened a garage car repair shop doing brakes exhauts etc, what fire precautions do I need in place ?
  4. I own my flat which is on leasehold. I am on the fourth floor of a seven floor block. The local council have instructed us to make our front doors air tight to prevent fire spreading. In process of doing. Now they have said they wish to enter my premises to survey it to see if anything presents a fire risk. If so they will enforce me to make changes etc. If I do not comply I will be fined etc. In some cases they have threatened tennants with removal from their premises (even though they own them) or demolishing the blocks of flats. Is any of this legal?
  5. I'm doing a teaching assistant course and one of my assessments is to show actions to be taken, illustrations, instructions, diagrams, leaflets, posters within a school and i would appreciate any advice on this. Thankyou
  6. Hi - hopefully you may be able to offer me some advice or point me in the right direction. Part of my business provides domiciliary care to a range of people in their own home. This can range from the care of a young child to the elderly and cover a wide variety of care needs from assistance to the administration of medicines. At some settings, our care staff and nurses are on site and provide 24 hour care in the home environment. Some families are very accommodating, however there are instances where some families create cause for concern, one of which will be around Fire Safety. Where a home does not have or refuses to have basic fire precaution such as a smoke alarm, is there any guidance you know of that could be used to influence the home owner? We are trying to understand how far our duty of care covers our staff in a domestic premise where the family and trust refuses to pay for or implement precautions. The issue of evacuation is a bigger issue when it comes to what a nurse is expected to do by the family in the event of a fire especially if there is oxygen in the room. Fortunately nothing has ever happened, we are exploring a theoretical risk as part of our risk assessment process. thanks for any advice you can offer, Rob
  7. Hi I'm running a small but busy cafe near the center of a city and was looking into what I need in place, in the ways of fire equipment and action plan can u help?
  8. Guest

    Evacuation rules

    I used to work for large company where I was a fire marshall/ floor sweeper. The rules stated that roll call was not required as floor sweepes were employed to ensure cleared areas. Staff could be anywhere on site and could go to various fire points. My new company insist on roll call against swipe card system (which is not foolproof and a list has to be printed out ) and staff may not be in office. Can you confirm actual regulations on this as I believe our current system could put fire people into danger looking for unaccounted staff. We dont sweep floors. I am not a marshall now but still concerned
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