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Found 9 results

  1. I recently stayed at a hotel which had non-maintainted emergency lights in the bedrooms with very bright green indicator LED's, so I complained. I didn't think emergency lighting was required in a hotel bedroom that had a window, and your website appears to confirm this. However, I was informed by the hotel staff that new legislation states that all rooms required emergency lighting. Please can you confirm whether your website is correct or whether in fact there has been subequent legislation written.
  2. We have asked our landlord to provide emergency lighting in all communal hallways which have stairs - he is saying that he doesn't need to provide it. Could you confirm that he should be providing this for us in the communal stairways? It is very dark and some of the offices are up two flights of stairs. Our H&S Advisor says he should provide it. Any advice would be most welcome - thank you in advance
  3. Are we able to carry out our own in-house emergency lighting testing ie: the annual discharge test as a member of staff/caretaker who does the regular checks would be able to test on a weekend at a fraction of the price some companies are quoting or do they need to have a qualification?
  4. I live in a new apartment block ( 2007) and we have a flat on the 2nd floor. There is a third floor above us. There is a central staircase which winds around the lift..There are no windows on any staircase or landings. Twice recently ,we have had lighting failures one of which lasted from Friday to Monday. There is no emergency lighting and this represents a great hazard for residents. We own our flat and the building is a mix of owners and renters. We pay management charges to the developer who are also the landlords for the rental properties. My question is this....Are the Landlords obliged to have emergency lighting in the building and if yes, then why was this not carried out during the construction. I would be obliged to know the current regulations in force ref emergency lighting. Tom
  5. Hi You site mentions non-maintained and maintained emergency lighting. I find this quite confusing. Could you please let me know what the difference is? Thanks Sue
  6. I am putting in emergency lighting on a house used for commercial use. I was wondering if the emergency lights can go just above the doors which will illuminate them. Is there a specification of how far out from the door into the ceiling they need to be? I am also looking for exterior emergency lights and hoped there may be ones which are tiny? Thanks Sarah
  7. I am chairman of our residents association and we run the block ourselves. The block is 40 years old and purpose built - comprising 12 flats. Is it a legal requirement that emergency lighting should be installed in the common parts of the building? Thank you
  8. How often should we replace the lamps inside emergency lights? Thanks
  9. My name is Nick and I am a Masters student. I am emailing you to ask if you would be willing to help me improve my project by helping me on a few issues I am having problems with. I am designing a back-up power supply system for a refuge structure. The structure will hold 1500 people within 4 floors (total 4000m2) and supply them with safety, comfort etc but with minimal costs/consumption etc. I need to calculate the power consumption for the refuge which will operate for a maximum of 7days, (168hours): Lighting (Currently I am struggling to calculate this for this structure - 1000m2 floor area), I believe that 200 lux would be a minimal illuminance but still provide enough lighting for all the refugees, since offices normally 300-750lux to provide adequate reading and writing?). Also the use of CFL instead of LED since large area rooms? Will this provide adequate savings? Furthermore, how would I calculate how many lights are required? Would I use, Power lighting= E (200lux)/ B.n.n1, where E= illuminance of space?, B= Luminare maintancence factor (0.7 for clean environment?), n= coefficient of utlisation (0.4 for direct lighting?) and n1= lamp efficacy (lm/w, CFL= 50, Fluorescent lamp = 80, LED= 50lm/w?) Are there any other factors to be considered? Then would I use Wlighting= sum of Plighting X A room X Delta t X f /1000? To get Kwh. Kind Regards
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