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  1. Sounds like your contractor has bodged the lot and doesn't have a copy of the relevant standards. Firstly your EL should be fitted to the normal lighting circuit not it's own and door entry shouldn't be off lighting (often it's own supply with a back up battery). Also in addition to BS5266 for the lighting your contractor should have a copy of BS7273-4 for the access control if it's fitted on doors used for escape.....thats a whole other set of requirements missed..........
  2. It's all wrong. EL fittings are meant to be on the same circuits as the normal lights, otherwise they won't come on unless you get a complete power outage (local circuit failure is common). If your contractor knew what BS5266 (the standard any professional who installs and maintains EL should have and know) said they'd have done it correctly which questions their competence
  3. AnthonyB


    Yes to a detector as the required Category of fire alarm (L2) in this type of premises includes rooms opening onto escape routes and rooms of high fire risk so it falls in under both those. A sounder would be needed if the audibility levels in the room from the nearest existing sounder are not adequate.
  4. Usually the landlord before occupancy if vacant, then the tenant whilst they hold the lease unless you have agreed in the lease to do it for them
  5. If there are no common areas then the obligation for legal compliance rests solely with the tenants. Each has to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (which needs to be recorded if they have a business requiring any sort of license or if part of a company with 5 or more employees even if not all based at that site, or if an Alterations Notice is in force for the premises from the Fire Service) and provide/maintain adequate general fire precautions. Their assessment would have to account for the effects of fire on Relevant Persons including those in the flat above - if there is adequate fire compartmentation between the shop & flat then their obligations are met, otherwise there may be a need for a fire detection system in the shop linked to alarm sounders or work to upgrade the compartmentation. Again, if there are suitable party walls between each unit then they don't need a linked alarm and just need to consider matters in their individual units. Any fire alarm system in the units (if needed, small units don't always need one) would need to be to BS5839-1 and at least Category M (manual call points) as Graded fire alarms to BS5839-6 are only for domestic premises
  6. Whilst the guidance is not intended to be prescriptive a four storey converted house should have a Grade A system. I'd want to know the justification for deviating from this and 'pleasing the customer' isn't good enough. https://www.rla.org.uk/docs/LACORSFSguideApril62009.PDF
  7. It's usually based on the distance the sign needs to be viewed from, 50mm letter height can give you around 10m viewing distance, smaller letters lesser distances.
  8. Yes, but it sounds like they aren't actually servicing properly if doing no more than you. Firstly they should be servicing it twice a year as minimum, but regardless of that they should be testing every break glass call point, every smoke detector & heat detector using a special test pole with test smoke and a heat source as appropriate and should be checking the batteries with a test meter and replacing every 4 years or so. There are other bits & pieces they should do, but these are the fundamentals that you should look for them doing.
  9. Without digging out old guidance I do recall being in a similar scenario with premises and from memory the approach from those was similar to existing wicket gates, fixed ladder and window accessed escapes, namely only suitable for areas with no greater than 5 able bodied employees. Consider both escape time - you will only get slow single filing - and bunching as people pile up whilst queuing and as a result the risks of not having the required safe evacuation time and from trips and crushing (The Station Nightclub footage graphically illustrates the effects of too many people trying to use too narrow an exit too quickly)
  10. AnthonyB


    The red light does not mean it's faulty, a lot of people have been conned into replacing perfectly serviceable fittings because it's red. For decades the status indicator on self contained emergency lights indicating there was a satisfactory mains power supply into the battery charger was red and it's only in recent times it has been changed on new fittings to the more logical green. As long as the light fitting works when function tested and the batteries last 3 hours when duration tested then it's completely fine. A lot of older red LED fittings remain in service Self testing units that do their own function & duration testing automatically do exist but they have several LED status lights, not just the one.
  11. You are very unlikely to need a fire alarm if purpose built flats, but may do if a converted house. The doors may well need changing depending on the size & layout of the premises against the guides Tom has linked to you.
  12. If it's a final exit to the outside it often doesn't even need to be a fire resisting door wither.
  13. AnthonyB

    Childcare Facility

    You are required to carry out a fire risk assessment, which because you are going to be licensed, has to be recorded regardless of any employee numbers. This will determine your requirements on all fire safety matters. Also your work is subject to the Building Regulations and requires Building Control sign off and Local Authority Building Control or your privately contracted Approved Inspector will advise on requirements. You will usually, as a minimum, need to protect your stair with self closing fire doors. You will not normally need a second fire escape if you protect the existing one unless there are excessive travel distances. You will need a fire detection and warning system of a suitable category using commercial fire alarm equipment not domestic battery or mains smoke alarms and emergency lighting If you are boarding the ceiling to 30 minutes FR with Fireline plasterboard this would usually suffice in a building of this size.
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