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  2. What size are the screws? Where on the door are you fitting the mirror (will it be near the door edges) and how big and how heavy is it? What have the block owners/mangers said about this?
  3. My understanding is that the doors are FD30s fire resisting doors. Are the rack bolts compliant with paragraphs 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 on page 61 of the document 'Hardware for Fire & Escape Doors' ?
  4. The common areas should have emergency lighting, although if not fitted retrofitting would be considered a lesser priority in risk assessment guidance than matters related to fire doors and compartmentation.
  5. The Housing Department are usually the lead enforcer in HMO's although both the Housing Act, HMO Regs & Fire Safety Order apply. Existing doors upgraded using third party accredited products in accordance with manufacturers instructions should give adequate performance such that you could provide a suitable case not to replace them. Enforcers can only suggest one solution and if you have a different one that achieves a similar level of safety they are meant to accept this (& appeals and determination processes exist to support this)
  6. Ideally - too many internet bought extinguishers are damaged in transit, lost pressure or incorrectly assembled by the user. Some construction companies use the P50 range in cabinets and reuse them from site to site as they can complete the maintenance themselves.
  7. I am the owner of a single unit within a purpose built block of Student Accommodation apartments. Am i allowed to fit a mirror to the inside of my unit's Main Entry Door with appropriate sized screws?
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    Fire door hinges

    do hinges have to be stainless steel on a fd30 ?
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    Fire door hinges

    hi tom thanks for the very informative answers and posts- my questions are in connection with nominal fire doors to a hmo in wales - the doors are old panel doors which have been upgraded with intumescent card and intumescent paint coating also. the doors have intumescent seals around the edge glued in place and have self closers attached . the frames are the original frames when the doors were fitted . the doors were passed by the local council when the last hmo check was carried out in 2017. now however the fire brigade have visited the house and have ordered that all doors with any damage whatsoever will need to be replaced . can you advise please - the fire officer stated on his visit that he could only adivse not enforce anything - if so then as the licence holder am i permitted to argue that the doors are already satisfied as fd30s - i take his point that damage needs inspecting and if so repairing but is it necessary to replace all the panel doors (about 15 doors) since they passed in 2017 and have not deteriorated since ? it seems the fire officer just didnt like the look of the doors and is requesting new fire doors througout although there is not any reference to the frames - just the doors . i am obvously keen to avoid any argument - and want a safe house for the residents - but changing the nominal fire doors seems unnecessary since as i stated they have the relevant fire retardent upgrades . i await your views on the above although i fully understand you would not tell anyone what to do and there is no request for this . simply put - what powers do the fire brigade have in matters such as this ? and is it worth arguing with the council or do i have no choice but to replace all the nominal doors as they are suggesting ? sorry for long post thanks will
  11. I have a flat in a (detached) four story block (no lift), with two flats on each floor. There are lights in the communal area at night, but are we legally required to have other emergency lighting?
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    Neil, Many thanks for your prompt response to my query. My only concern is that in our Development there are 5 of these doors and it's proving difficult to find reasonably priced 5x keyed alike 3-lever mortice locks. The advantage of rack bolts are that they are cheap, easy to fit and one key fits all. The doors are in hallways with no public access and only 2 or 4 flats, so security is not an issue - especially the doors would only need to be opened for fire inspections! I was hoping that if rack-bolts were installed in the same manner as fire rated tubular latches that this would be OK, especially as the key hole would only penetrate the outer skin of the fire door.
  13. Hi, hope someone can help with this one. We have multiple construction sites running at once and we buy new extinguishers for each one at the start of each job Am I correct in thinking that these all still need to be commissioned by a "competent person" preferably with BAFE qualification? on each job
  14. The area that will be the dwelling needs to be separated from the garage area by a full 30 minutes separation and without knowing exactly how you intend to carry out your proposals I cannot give you a definitive response.
  15. As far as I am aware there is no legislation requiring rim locks be fitted to front doors, but there is guidance that requires doors, needed for means of escape, should be easily opened without the need of a key. What surprises me is that you didn't require the joiner to fit a rim and dead lock which seems a normal arrangement for front doors.
  16. So the door will be a FIRE DOOR KEEP LOCKED and kept locked at all times. The door should be fitted with a fire rated mortice lock and a 'Fire Door Keep Locked' sign to the outside. I assume the door is made from timber based materials. The document 'Hardware for Fire & Escape Doors' at http://firecode.org.uk/Code_of_Practice_hardware_for_fire_and_escape_doors.pdf provides the information you need on pages 60 to 68.
  17. If those are compartment walls (as they could be) you would expect a self closer.
  18. Hi please can I have some advice I want to put a wall across half my garage one side will have my motorcycle in the other will be the dwelling what do I need to clad in garage wall side in ie for regulations many thanks
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    Under-stairs electrical cupboard in block containing 2-Flats. Can I fit a stainless steel mortice rack bolt as the security device on the FD30 rated fire door?
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    Fire exit with thumb lock

    Hi, could you tell me i have had a new front door fitted by a reputable company but it doesnt have a thumb lock. I have 5 children in the house and was only supplied 3 keys ( 1 of these keys had to be used to allow us to exit the property). Surely in this day and age under fire regs a thumb lock should be fitted as standard. I have called them back and for an additional charge they will come and change lock to a thumb one( If i used a locksmith my 10 year warranty would become invalid). Is it right that it doesnt have to be a thumb lock by law? Thank you
  21. Here's the fire route
  22. Without seeing the layout of the building I can't be certain
  23. Its an internal one yeah, it still has a push bar. Do you think it should be replaced with a proper fire door?
  24. Thanks Andy That's really helpful
  25. Looking at this from the fire door survey point of view. The British Standard for timber-based fire door assemblies (BS 8214) states no requirement with regard to floor coverings at the threshold. Installing a threshold strip to the floor is always preferable as it helps meet compliance with door leaf to floor gap requirements. BS 8214 and BS 9999 refer.
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  27. fire alarm interface for access control should be normally close . if I received NC all doors released but when I reset fire alarm the doors keep open ( should be close) any advice ..
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