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  2. How long to evacuate after fire?

    Ideally the fire brigade should have been called even if you were going to tackle it yourself. They could then have carried out post fire ventilation with their PPV fans (if needed) and advised. Most fire effluent contains chemicals or particulates that are harmful to the lungs and body & the area should be well ventilated before re-entry. Whilst with a small extinguished fire it won't kill you it's not good for you either, especially if anyone has a pre-existing respiratory medical condition
  3. Hearing impaired member of staff

    If you want an alternative to an alerter, then you may need to consider Visual Alarm Devices as part of your fire alarm system, which as being used as a primary warning should conform to EN54-23. Whilst area coverage is subject to risk assessment the usual compliant provision is to all toilets and any office/room where a person relying on visual warning may work alone (it's anticipated that in larger rooms with other staff present they would alert the hearing impaired person).
  4. Hearing impaired member of staff

    Have you considered flashing beacons on the fire sounders? These can often be retro fitted and are relatively inexpensive.
  5. Hearing impaired member of staff

    Check out http://www.safelincs.co.uk/deafgard-portable-and-wirefree-smoke-alarm-for-the-deaf-and-hard-of-hearing/ it could be possible to carry it in a shoulder bag with the vibration pad in a pocket or other such arrangement. Find out who the manufacturer is and they may have a more suitable portable device.
  6. Do I need to upgrade front door to a fire door?

    Assuming your front opens to open air and not a common area, then there is no need for it to be fire resistant and it is also important that you are able to disperse away from the building.
  7. Hi we had a fire in the kitchen area which is a separate room within the main room. The fire was taken care of quickly but there was still smoke and a acrid smell. We work in an area were you cannot open the windows. Should we have evacuated until 1. The smoke was totally gone. 2. They had checked what the fumes were?
  8. double swing hinges on a fire door

    Hi Simon, You don't say if they are timber or metal doors. I am assuming they are timber based doors, yes they must self-close and the best solution is to use floor springs and pivots. There's more information in the Code of Practice: Hardware for Fire and Escape doors at http://firecode.org.uk/Code_of_Practice_hardware_for_fire_and_escape_doors.pdf
  9. Hi all I need some advice. I have a client that has asked if we can supply and fit some double fire doors that will swing in and out is this possible? Do they have to automatic closer's on to? Door sizes including frame 2050 mm high x 1600 mm wide Thanks for any help
  10. Routine fire door checks

    Hi Linda, Guidance in BS 8214 and BS 9999 recommends six monthly inspections. You should have carried out your own fire risk assessment and formed a fire strategy and this will identify the most critical fire doors. From there you can decide if some doors need to be inspected more or less often. Justify your decision in your fire risk assessment. The relevant legislation is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 more info at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2005/1541/contents/made
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  12. Hello, I'm a leaseholder who rents my first floor maisonette to a couple. The front door to the property is to the side of the property and is not a communal area and leads to a few concrete steps that go onto my private garden. The property is no higher than 4.5m and was built in the 50s. Each room has fire exit windows. The council who are freeholders, have sent me a letter informing me the front door needs to be a fire door. I'm hoping and presuming it is a generic letter to all flat owners and they don't realise the layout of my maisonette. Am I right in thinking my front door doesn't need to be a fire door? Could someone please advise. Thanks.
  13. How often should fire doors be checked in an industrial unit?
  14. Also check out http://firealarmengineers.com/1 they may be able to help.
  15. We have a member of staff in school who is severely hearing impaired (not sure if legally classed as deaf). There have been three instances in the last two years where she has not heard the fire alarm during fire drills. Each time a member of staff has found her completely unaware of the, sometimes, unbearably loud alarms. She works alone as a sort of general assistant (cleaning, doing odd-jobs), so she is not often in classrooms. I have been asked to investigate possible solutions, so I asked for a quote from the company that maintains our fire alarm. Their recommendation is a Deaf Alerter system, at a total of nearly £9000 for the system and necessary integration works. The senior management say that this is too much, especailly as the member of staff only works 4 hours a day in a not-far-off minimum wage role. I have reminded them of the relevant equalities legislation but its simply not going to happen, the money isn't available. They have suggested that she could be issued with a spare mobile phone set on vibrate that she collects from the Reception when she starts work and hands in when she finishes work. I immediately saw multiple problems with this solution, namely that someone would have the repsonsibility of calling the phone when there is a fire (what if they forget, or are involved in the fire?), she might not notice the phone vibration if she is walking or whatever, the local mast might be down so she might not have signal (half the school has poor signal anyway), there's loads of holes in their plan. Can anyone recommend a cheaper solution? We have a Gent Vigilon alarm system. Thanks in advance.
  16. Check out http://psfirefighter.proboards.com/thread/112/fixed-extinguishing-systems?page=1 they may be able to help.
  17. Fire Alarm Design

    You need to get together with the fire risk assessor and a fire alarm designer to design the system you require for example what categories do you require. Do you require only a manual system (M) or combined with life system (L) or including a property protection system (P) to costs will vary considerably. For example Offices: 3 Floored Victorian Building 12 x Optical Smoke Detectors 2 x Heat Detectors 7 x Manual Call Points 5 x Sounders Alarm System Used: Apollo non addressable Supplied, fitted, commissioned and certificated £4644 plus Vat Once you you know what is required then you can get some estimates.
  18. Smoke Detector emits light without power supply.

    Smoke detectors in general should be replaced every 10 years, If this detector is as old as you say, then it should be replaced, thereby removing the concern for a green light. As an aside LED's do not act as capacitors, even if they did, they would (in theory) emit the colour of light they are supposed to. Are you sure the material of the detector is not Luminous?
  19. Can we leave fire exit door open?

    Following on from what Tom said, you may have overlooked the obvious, some one saw you.
  20. It could be a fault has developed with the luminaire you should contact the person who installed it and have him/her to check it out.
  21. BS 9990:2015 Non automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings.
  22. Blocking of Fire Exits

    You can contact the local Fire and Rescue Service who are the enforcing authority but you should try the union first. Contact details for local Fire and Rescue Services
  23. Can we leave fire exit door open?

    Passing through a fire exit will not operate the fire alarm but security devices can be fitted that will alert those in charge, if considered necessary.
  24. Maximum number of people in a space

    First of all I think Elizabeth meant 132 cm not MM and a corridor of 145 cm, the doors will be inward opening doors, there was no calculation, if you read the guidance you will find a room with inward opening doors is limited to less than sixty persons.
  25. Lightning protection.

    There is no legal requirement as far as The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is concerned but there could be other legislation which I am not aware of.
  26. Fire safety legislation

    The whole building is subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the RP or RP's have to implement articles 8 to 22. simples The guidance will vary, the Firecode will apply to the healthcare premises, the shops will use the DCLG guide and the common areas the Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats . The building will be considered a multi occupied building with three premises.
  27. Replacement to Firex i240c

    Hi, this smoke alarm is the replacement for i240c and all you have to replace is the alarm including base. The wiring can stay in place as long as it fulfills general safety requirements. Kind Regards Harry
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